Markets & Projects  // Renewable Energy

Elcon provides interconnection and transmission engineering and design services for large and small renewable energy generation projects including wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro and solar power projects. Our services include the following: Interconnection Studies & Consultation; Transmission Studies & Consultation; and Design of the Distribution Collector Systems and the Main Interconnection Substations.

  • Conducting power flow studies to develop interconnection options for connection to regional grid.
  • Conducting interconnection feasibility analysis studies & reports.
  • Preparing required technical data and developing cost estimates for interconnection facilities including: Project Substation, Generation Tie Circuit, Interconnecting Switching Station, and Communication Systems.
  • Preparing and coordinating interconnection request applications.
  • Attending meetings with receiving utilities on interconnection processes.
  • Development of transmission strategies for generation projects.
  • Assistance in transmission service applications.
  • Providing evaluation of available transfer capability from transmission service provider.
  • Providing a transmission cost estimate for the required service.
  • Providing transmission line design.
  • Preliminary and final design for wind farm collector systems, project substation and generation tie transmission line.
  • Evaluation of reactive compensation requirements at collector or generator substation.
  • Preparation of cost estimates of project collector systems (for wind farms), project substations, interconnecting transmission lines and interconnection switching station.
  • Design of protective relaying, communications, metering and station service requirements.