Markets & Projects  // Utilities/Power

Elcon provides engineering, design, and construction support for the following: utility power systems, substation design, transmission and distribution, power system studies, energy management, SCADA, corrosion mitigation and construction work plans.

Specifically we have expertise in the following: systems planning, relaying, control, SCADA, buswork, yard equipment layout, specifications development and design standards development, and power systems studies including power flow, grounding, arc flash, short circuit, transient and protective device coordination studies.

Our software tools include EasyPower, PowerWorld, ETAP, ASPEN, PTW SKM Power System Analysis and IEEE Rate Kit Line Rating programs.

  • High Voltage Substation Design
  • Distribution, Planning, Transmission Line Design and System Control, Coordination/Protection
  • Bonneville Power Administration, HJ Ashe Substation, 500kV
  • Bonneville Power Administration, Longview Substation, 230kV
  • Bonneville Power Administration, N. Bonneville Substation, 230kV
  • Bonneville Power Administration, Olympia Substation, 115kV/230kV
  • Bonneville Power Administration, Red Mountain Substation, 115kV
  • City of Camas Substation
  • City of Richland Sandhill Crane Substation, 115kV/15kV
  • Ferndale 115kV Transmission Line, Whatcom County PUD
  • Municipality of Anchorage Arc Flash Study
  • PacifiCorp Line Rating Study
  • PG&E Ford Ord 60kV Reinforcement
  • Progress Energy Intercession Substation
  • Seattle City Light Arc Flash Study
  • Timber to Elsie Transmission Line Study & Design